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Plasma cut up to 1" thick and  up to 10'x20' size plate

CNC oxyfuel cutting up to 8" and 10'x20' size plate

CNC Machining up to 100" X 157" X 60" Tall 5 Face machining

CNC turning up to 14" Diameter, 50" long and 4" bore. Also 2.5" bar feeding capabilities

Blanchard Grinding up to 70" diameter

Linear Planing up to 72" x 20'.

Manual Turning up to 24" x 15ft & 3.5" bore

Vibratory stress releiving and Weld Conditioning

Welding, Weld positioning and frabricating of any size.

Waterjet cutting up to 6' x 12' x 4" 

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